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DuPont's Sponsorship of the Global Food Security Index
DuPont's Sponsorship of the Global Food Security Index


In 2012, DuPont commissioned the Economist Intelligence Unit to develop a Global Food Security Index. Released annually, this sponsored index examines food affordability, availability and quality across 113 countries and offers an aggregate view of global food security trends, as well as country-specific data that can be explored on an interactive website. DuPont has a robust communications effort in place to spread this information through special events, targeted influencer engagement, a digital hub and social media.

Why it works

When data about a public policy issue is lacking, it’s wise for companies to form partnerships with nonprofits or hire a respected intelligence-gathering organization to manage the collection and dissemination of research. What’s more, the thoroughness and ease-of-use of the Global Food Security Index make it a popular and authoritative source of data and insight. When discussing the research, DuPont’s tone is collaborative:  “We understand that no one company can provide all the answers.” This approach gives DuPont a platform for sharing its vision about how to address problems faced by the food security community.


Today, DuPont sits comfortably alongside other organizations on the frontlines of the food security issue. The company has built partnerships with the Aspen Institute, the Global Harvest Initiative, and USAID, and is regularly asked to share its views at conferences on the topic.