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JP Morgan Chase's Research Institute
JP Morgan Chase's Research Institute


The JP Morgan Chase Institute’s mission is to help public policy decision-makers appreciate the “scale, granularity, diversity, and interconnectedness” of the global economy. The institute’s founding premise is straightforward:  How can a firm with such vast real-time data about the global economy repackage its information and expertise to serve the public good?  It is an ambitious mandate, but the think tank consistently delivers research on diverse topics such as small business health insurance markets, natural disasters and the economic impact of reducing recidivism.

Why it works

Research findings are not buried in written reports. Rather, the Institute uses engaging data visualization to make insights easy to digest and to share with others. Institute staff also act as ambassadors for the research, speaking at conferences and delivering private talks with business groups, non-profit leaders and policymakers. Executives, including CEO Jamie Dimon, regularly use the institute’s content in their communications.


As with any think tank, the measure for success is not merely the consumption of research briefs, but rather proof of the organization’s ability to help policymakers make smarter decisions.