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The U.S. Travel Association's Travel Trends Index


The U.S. Travel Association releases its Travel Trends Index on the first Tuesday of every month. Travel Tuesday, as it’s called, was born out of a simple goal: to build familiarity with an industry that though large, is an often-overlooked sector. The Travel Trends Index creates a recurring media moment for the association — a chance to remind the public of its expertise and the value of the travel business to the economy.

Why it works

An audit of top associations’ activities revealed the power of a monthly media moment in popularizing their issue set. The index is produced in partnership with Oxford Economics and organizes disparate travel data from an array of industry partners in a useful way. Once the new index data is received, association economists and communicators have a few days to interpret the data and consider messaging that balances accuracy and urgency.


The index has helped the U.S. Travel Association raise its media profile and build new relationships with policymakers and media influencers that previously had little knowledge of the industry. And the Travel Trends Index is also a valuable content engine. The index is the foundation for countless blog posts, social media messaging and other communications that are released each month by the association.