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Launched in 2015, THINKPolicy applies a Washington face to IBM’s 100-year old THINK brand. Originally conceived as a series of six actionable policy perspectives, THINKPolicy has expanded to be the umbrella brand for all digital publications by IBM’s policy staff. Collectively, these editorial-length position papers represent IBM’s vision for 21st-century data policy.

Why it works

Editorial standards protect the brand’s meaning and everyone’s time. Only relevant, actionable and unique perspectives are published under the THINKPolicy heading. The brand and associated web platforms give the company a quick and flexible vehicle for distributing leading viewpoints and the confidence to speak publicly on major challenges in public policy. Issue experts author THINKPolicy articles with the support of a communications professional embedded in the team.


Since the launch of THINKPolicy, IBM has seen an increase in the frequency with which reporters quote the company’s positions and the number of inbound contacts for related information, as opposed to the other way around. IBM has also become much faster at refining its analysis and positions on policy matters and sharing its perspective with stakeholders.

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